Recreational freshwater fishing in North Carolina is a $1 billion industry and directly supports over 10,000 jobs. We must continue fight Titan and protect this critical industry. Read more >

 Let's Claim Our Future New Hanover County! 

Titan America wants to develop one of the largest cement manufacturing facilities and strip mines in the nation on the shores of the Cape Fear River in Castle Hayne, New Hanover County, NC. If they succeed, it will be one of the largest sources of air pollution in our area for the next 50 years. Titan Cement will extract 13-16 millions of gallons of our local drinking water supply, while risking our health and destroying our natural resources including thousands of acres of valuable wetlands. Now is the time to unite and stand for a sustainable future for next generations.  

 Clearing The Air On North Carolina's Pollution Progress

Check out Julie Mayfield's op-ed pointing out teh NC DEQ Secretary van der Vaart can't claim credit for NC's success cleaning up air quality. let's remember van der Vaart approved the Titan Air Permit that is currently under appeal. Read More

               Agreement ends landmark lawsuit for clean air

SELC and our partners have reached the final milestone in a 15-year legal journey that, along the way, has led to a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision and agreements to keep millions of tons of pollution out of the nation’s air. Read More 


 Act Now: Stop HB 765, the Polluters Protection Act

RALEIGH — With the passage of a long-sought budget agreement behind them, state legislators are expected to wrap up several major pieces of legislation this week, including a  bill that will roll back environmental regulations: HB 765, also known as the Polluters Protection Act. You can take a key conservation action now by contacting your state House member and Senator in opposition to HB 765. A quick note or call is all that is needed.  Learn more

 Judge orders full hearing on Martin Marietta Mining Permit

 Groups opposed to a 650-acre mining operation near Blounts Creeek won a court battle today in Beaufort County. Superior Judge Douglas Parsons overturned an administrative law judge's decision, saying that Sound Rivers and the North Carolina Coastal Federation are considered "person aggrieved" and that there are issues of fact that require a full hearing. Read More




Billy Valley

VIDEOS: Faces of Our Community

See the many faces behind this fight. We're not who you might think.

Billy Valley: Grew up near the old Ideal Cement plant, which is the now the site of the proposed Titan Plant. Click to hear hear his story.

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