Recreational freshwater fishing in North Carolina is a $1 billion industry and directly supports over 10,000 jobs. We must continue fight Titan and protect this critical industry. Read more >

 Let's Claim Our Future New Hanover County! 

Titan America wants to develop one of the largest cement manufacturing facilities and strip mines in the nation on the shores of the Cape Fear River in Castle Hayne, New Hanover County, NC. If they succeed, it will be one of the largest sources of air pollution in our area for the next 50 years. Titan Cement will extract 13-16 millions of gallons of our local drinking water supply, while risking our health and destroying our natural resources including thousands of acres of valuable wetlands. Now is the time to unite and stand for a sustainable future for next generations.  



  The Evidence for How Fossil Fuel Companies Misled Us for Decades

 Fossil Fuel Companies have neither been honest about, nor taken responsibility for, the harms they have caused by extracting and putting into commerce the fossil fuels that now place our climate in grave danger. Instead, either directly or indirectly, through trade and industry groups, they have sown doubt about the science of climate change and repeatedly fought efforts to cut the emissions of dangerous heat-trapping gases. Read More


 If this Bill is Passed, It is a Loophole for Titan and heavy polluters. 

Ready to get fired up?! Here is an in-depth article on the House Bill 765 with a ready-made loophole for Titan. Contact your local representative in the NC Legislature and voice your opposition to this bill which was proposed by the Senate. Should this bill be passed, it will effect the fight against Titan. The bill is specifically aimed at stopping citizens from fighting projects, it calls for air permits to move forward while under challenge, and elimination of air monitors, minimizes wetlands, and more! For ease, fill in your specific points in this online tool and send it in! 

An Indepth Series on Offshore Drilling


Coastal Review Online is a nonprofit news service and a member of the N.C. Press Association. Offshore Drilling is an in-depth series sponsored by North Carolina Coastal Federation and the first of more than 40 stories that will be published over the next two months on offshore drilling and its potential effects on the N.C. coast. Seven reporters have spent several months talking to dozens of people trying to determine what drilling might mean to the state’s coastal environment, economy and lifestyle. 

Register today for the July 31, 2015 public forum – Shaping Our Economic Future: Offshore Drilling in N.C. being hosted and organized by the N.C. Coastal Federation to explore the realities of offshore oil and gas development in North Carolina. 


Visit the NE Cape Fear River Wildlife Exhibit

June - August 2015 

Where: North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, Spadefish Art Gallery 900 Loggerhead Road, Kure Beach, NC  

See a special photography exhibit at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. The display reveals an unprecedented display of wildlife diversity and behavior surrounding the NE Cape Fear River. The photos, taken over two-years as part of an advocacy project to protect this unique ecosystem, documents how truly important the area is for wildlife. 


 Take A Riverboat Tour Along NE Cape Fear River

Join us on future tours of the Northeast Cape Fear River and discover what makes the area so special and why we wish to protect it. The diverse wildlife, fishing, boating and other recreational opportunities offers something for everyone. The delicate ecosystem is not strong enough to support the huge impact the facility Titan Cement plans to build and operate along the tract featured in the video. To schedule future boat trips contact, Karen Dunn at North Carolina Coastal Federation at karend@nccoast.org



Billy Valley

VIDEOS: Faces of Our Community

See the many faces behind this fight. We're not who you might think.

Billy Valley: Grew up near the old Ideal Cement plant, which is the now the site of the proposed Titan Plant. Click to hear hear his story.

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